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ESL Release Notes

1.All of the unsupported code (code in the UNSUPPRT directory) has been compiled and minimally tested for use under Windows 95 and Windows NT.

2.A bug that was causing the compiler to core dump if there were too many .EAL, .INC, etc. files has been fixed.

3.A bug in the runtime that prevented the runtime from properly cleaning up after an object has been deleted has been fixed.

4.A bug that was preventing the runtime from displaying text and backgrounds using the correct colors in some types of controls (including static text, push button and group box controls) has been fixed.

5.The unsupported ESLCHAR stimulus DLL has been fixed.This version should work properly under NT and 95.

6.We have received a patch from Wall Data for their Rumba emulator which fixes problems with their 32-bit HLLAPI interface.This version of the emulator now works with ESL.We will put information concerning the version of Rumba you need in order for it to work with ESL in the ESLCMSRV.INI file as soon as we get the appropriate information from Wall Data.