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ESL Release Notes

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This release supersedes all earlier releases and should therefore completely replace all earlier releases.

You must uninstall any earlier version, or different edition of ESL before installing this one.

You must recompile all ESL files with this new compiler in order for them to work with the new runtime.

All user Dynamic Link Libraries must be linked with the current Visual Studio "C" runtime libraries. As the ESLLib library that provides many of the facilities needed to access ESL variables has been changed in this release, you must re-link all libraries.

To allow continued access to libraries written in COBOL, all external subroutine are called from an ESL Application using the 'C' style convention. Subroutine entry points in external libraries must be defined as using the 'C' standard calling convention (i.e. __cdecl) which is available via the ESLSUBAPI macro contained within the EslLib.h header file. (Note. Entry points called as a "function" must continue to use the standard calling convention.)

As entry points defined as using the 'C' calling convention will be decorated by default, we recommend you using a Module-Definition file (i.e. .def) to maintain the undecorated name. Alternatively, when defining an entry point in a external subroutine prototype, use the "external name" clause with the decorated name.