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There is the Development version of ESL, which contains both the programming facilities together with the runtime environment and there is a separate Client Services (Runtime) installation, which requires no product or activation key. The Development tools (Compiler etc.) installation does not require a product key during installation; however, the product must be registered within 30 days. Please see details below. During installations, the target directory may be amended. All the configuration files will be automatically updated with the target directory selected during the installation process.

The installation supports script files, which provides the ability to perform silent unattended installations. Please contact the help desk for further details, if required.

To complete the installation of the Development Tools, the ESL Compiler (EPARSE.EXE) must be registered. You may run an unregistered version of the compiler for 30 days, which will allow you to evaluate the product; however, you will be invited to register each time the compiler is run. All ESL applications compiled with an unregistered version of the compiler, will display a 'nag' screen at start-up and will not run after the 30 day evaluation period. It is recommended that existing ESL Customers obtain a registration key from the Customer Support Helpdesk as soon as possible. As part of the registration process, we need:

The ESL Version (i.e. Build Number),

An installation code and

The Registered Developer's user identification.

To obtain the required information the Registered Development must first perform a compilation, which will display a Registration Dialog containing the required fields. If your workstation includes an Email client, then the "Send" push button will create the required email, otherwise, we recommend you "cut-n-paste" the details into an email to ensure all characters are copied correctly. Please avoid sending an image of the registration dialog, as we will have to attempt to read and type the registration details into our systems manually, which is prone to errors.

If you have successfully evaluated the ESL product, you will need to purchase licenses from the ESL Sales Office. You will receive a registration key, which needs to be used to register the compiler. Once your compiler is registered, you must recompile all ESL applications to remove the start-up 'nag' screen and allow them to work after the 30 day evaluation period.

The ESL product is installed by default to a sub-directory of the Program Files directory, as with other Windows Applications.

If your existing ESL applications use the old "C:\ESLWIN" directory, it is recommended that you migrate to the new directory structure. You will need to modify any references to the old directory structure in short cuts or command files that are used to invoke your ESL application. As there are embedded spaces in the new path, you will need to use double quotes around certain filenames.

For example "C:\Program Files (x86)\ESL Syndetic\ESL\ESLRun.exe" eslprog.web